Meet the Staff of Specialty Auto Sales and Service

Brandon Hentges - Owner


Brandon created Specialty Auto Sales & Service in 2009 smack dab in the middle of one of our worst economic recessions in history. His mission was to create a dealership where low and middle class could buy a reliable yet affordable vehicle while not sacrificing a vehicle warranty. He comes to the table with his masters degree in business management and has over 15+years in the business environment as well as an extremely knowledgeable automotive background.

Jacqueline Hentges - Operations Manager


Jacqueline comes to us with over 10+ years experience in the field!! Jacqueline is primarily responsible for managing the financial risks of the company. She is also responsible for all of our financial planning and record-keeping, as well as our director, decision maker, leader, manager and executor. She presides over the organization's day-to-day operations and handles all the decisions regarding the upliftment of the company, which includes all sectors and fields of Specialty Auto such as our operations, marketing, business development, finance, Human resources, etc.

Matt Slye - Custom Fabricator/Auto Technician


Matt is another great asset to our company! Matt brings custom fabrication and welding skills(TIG & MIG) to a whole new level! He is one of the best welders we have ever seen in this automotive industry! His custom fabrication skills can ensure your ideas turn into a finished product! He also is a master certified auto technician and can handle any job big to small! 

Darin Orth - Lead Technician


Darin brings to the table over 15 years experience in the automotive field. He excels in automotive wiring, vehicle diagnostics, wiring diagnostics, and engine performance. If you bring your vehicle into us, Darin will be the one that does your full vehicle inspection. He is very detailed oriented and always does the job right the FIRST time.

Travis Hanaway - Body and Paint


Travis is our lead body & paint technician. He brings over 25+years experience into the automotive body and collision field! His attention to detail is second to none! His paint spraying and paint blending skills guarantee a perfect match with the final finish being nothing short of the highest quality!

Dylan Winans - Body & Paint


Dylan brings to our team over 15+ years in the Auto Body industry. He does excellent paint prep work and excels in automotive finishing and restoration. 

Jared Allen - Technician


Jared brings 10+ years automotive experience to the field! He is a certified auto technician! He is very knowledgeable with European vehicles and always ensures the job is done right the FIRST time!

Mike Conard - CPA


Mike is our Certified Public Accountant and comes to us with over 25+ years experience in the field. He became part of our team back in 2009 when we established our company.

Nicholas Knutson - Management Emeritus